Advanced Toolbar Buttons for Ableton Live

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This plugin adds new buttons/controls and new features to work with Ableton Live.

It consists of a button bar with a transparent background, where different button configurations can be created. The button bar can be positioned anywhere on the screen.

Main features:

  • Adjustment of clip parameters without having to open the clip detail view, such as volume, transposition, groove selection and others.
  • New mode to capture and insert scene.
  • Global activation and deactivation of tracks.
  • Alternative way to move loop markers in the arrangement.
  • Automatic reset of overwritten automation when starting or stopping transport.
  • Automatic unfolding of the track selected in the arrangement and folding the other tracks.
  • Track colors to clips for all tracks in the project.
  • Volume, Pan and Send controls for the selected track.
  • Session view clip duplication and triggering of the new duplicate clip.
  • Switch between different Live color themes without opening the preferences window.
  • One-button access to various Live actions that are only available in context menus.
  • Creation of presets with different layouts that can be loaded using key mapping.
  • Button/control size adjustment to fit any screen resolution.
  • Supports multi-monitor setups.
  • Does not interfere with Live's undo history.
  • Matches Live's color theme.

More info:

Check the PDF manual before buy:

(And also check the FAQ section on the plugin website)

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Advanced Toolbar Buttons for Ableton Live

10 ratings
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