ALFIL - Ableton Live Fast Item Loader

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ALFIL (Ableton Live Fast Item Loader) is an application for Windows designed to speed up the workflow in Ableton Live. Allows you to load any Live browser element from a floating window, avoiding having to navigate through browser folders.

Main features:

  • It is activated by a hotkey that only works if the Live window is active. So it does not interfere with other open applications.
  • Up to 44 buttons can be configured to load any type of element (effects, instruments, external plugins, tracks, presets…).
  • Additionally, a key can be assigned to each button. So once the ALFIL window is displayed, you can use those keys to activate the corresponding buttons.
  • The colors are configurable so you can adjust them to the Live theme color scheme.
  • Several instances of ALFIL can be used simultaneously. For example to have one instance to load effects, another for instruments…
  • It works in any of the versions of Live (Intro, Standard or Suite).

How does it work:

Pressing one of the ALFIL buttons activates the Live browser search box, performs a search with the button text and loads the first element found. Button text may contain file extensions. For example “Sylenth1.vst3” will load the VST3 version of the synth.

Demo Version:

You can download the demo version by entering €0 as the price to download it. The demo is limited to 3 buttons and it is not possible to change the hotkey to show ALFIL.

More info:

Check the online help before buy:

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Ableton Live 10 / 11 / 12 - Intro, Standard or Suite (Windows only)

ALFIL - Ableton Live Fast Item Loader

0 ratings
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